Table of Contents

  • A Brief History of the Koto
  • The Instrument
  • Terms Relating to Koto
  • Scales and Tunings
  • Articulation and Technique
  • Dynamics
  • Expression
  • Form, Genre and Style
  • Notation and Scores
  • Tempo, Meter and Rhythm
  • Miscellaneous Western Musical Terms
  • Composition and Arrangement
  • Other Traditional Japanese Instruments
  • Koto Schools and Titles
  • Japanese Culture and Zen

The first English-language detailed reference manual for koto players. This 138-page eBook contains a wide variety of information including koto technique, Japanese music terms and notation, and how to decipher a Japanese koto score. For koto players of all levels, students and teachers alike.  Your purchase includes free updates, if any, through 2020.

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    East West Jazz is a multi-instrumental jazz band featuring Reiko Obata on the koto, blending traditional sounds with jazz and contemporary music.

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